Our Services

In Thanh Truc, we understand that there are a lot of buyers interested in wood products from Vietnam and they are in different size businesses: a new company, a retailer, an oversea manufacturer, a wholesaler… Please be hassle-free with our upcoming services. Don’t be afraid of giving us a try because we are here to solve your problem no matter how big you are. And we only collect a small service charge to make sure our administration team is able to afford their livings.


Despite our major is for cabinet plywood, we could support you in sourcing other Wood Products in Vietnam like LVL, Film Faced Plywood, Blockboard, Furniture… if you couldn’t visit on site or you want to save cost by traveling far here We are independent in our professional Quality Control team. They are capable of acquiring new knowledge, meanwhile they could travel to every part of Vietnam (even during holidays) and take all required documents.


We understand sometimes that you don’t want to buy from us and you want to buy directly from other manufacturers. But for some reason, those factories are NOT able to do shipping documents or other necessary files. We are happy to assist you on that issue at a little charge to support Vietnamese business doing oversea trade. All of our customer are happy with our fast respond, strong understand about Vietnam Commerce Law and 24×7 availability.


If you want to travel to Vietnam, you may want to know that our sister company is a tour company. We could handle everything from getting a visa, booking car, hotel, arrange translator or anything else that you need during your time in Vietnam to do your work.


Vietnam is famous for a country of stable politics, golden population structure, and many other advantages. We understand our government, our legistration, our people, our culture… We have strong relationship with government and local people in many places. We, therefore, are able to support you in every aspect of investment project.

Note: Apart from wood products, we are happy to support you to find other products/materials based on your request. We surely can pass your inquiry to right person. This is to support Vietnam businesses to develop relationship with foreign companies